• Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning

    special cleaning equipment that uses ultrasound to clean delicate items

    Total Contents Cleaning/Restoration

An important step in contents handling is cleaning the contents to ensure no residue from smoke, sewage or water is left behind.

We understand the unique and personal challenges of contents handling and hence have equipped ourselves with the finest cleaning technologies and practices.

Special Ultrasound Cleaning Tehcnique

We utilize Fireline Ultrasonic cleaning – also known as precision cleaning which is special cleaning equipment that uses ultrasound and an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean delicate items. The system incorporates a 4 step cleaning process to clean and deodorize soot, sewer and mold damaged contents.

Ultrasonic cleaners have many advantages over other cleaning methods. An ultrasonic cleaner delivers high quality cleaning consistently and dramatically accelerates the cleaning process.

In many cases, items that may have been considered non-salvageable, or were too delicate for traditional cleaning methods can now be effectively cleaned and restored.

This ensures that when your daughter is playing with her toys, the only thing left for you to do is sit back and cherish the moment.

“Initially when we heard that most of our stuff would be returned to us, we were worried about the condition it might be in, but when we saw everything… it was like nothing had ever happened to it.”

  H. S., Innisfil, ON.​​