Total Claim Content Loss

Total Claim Content Loss

Although any claim is a stressful event, Total Loss Claims are especially devastating. In addition to the financial loss, it causes irreparable emotional losses. At Controlled Contents, we pay special attention to the emotional condition of the home owners, who have had to go through such a mishap.

Through our experience in such losses we have learnt that in addition to support, home owners also need special guidance. To facilitate this we have prepared a special package for such home owners, which helps them in recalling the specific contents of their house to the minutest details.

We also have a series of meetings with each member of the family while completing the Non-Salvageable Inventory.

Although the emotional loss in these circumstances cannot be be compensated for, we ensure that the Inventory is completed accurately, enabling them to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Dealing with Total Losses is one of our specialties and the quality of our services is exceptional. We ensure that we sign off only with a smile on the insured’s face.

“Total loss claims can be a long and complex process – Controlled Contents thorough approach to the inventory helped settle the claim all in one go.”

T. I., Toronto