• Contents Inventory and Pricing

Committed to Quality Reporting

We Provide the Controlled Contents Reporting Advantage Tool

Controlled Contents complete commitment, to making the contents claim process the smoothest for the adjuster to handle, is reflected in its Non Salvageable Inventory.

Cost Control and Savings

Comprehensive Non-Salvageable Inventory Reporting

​​​The Non-Salvageable Inventory consists of accurately identified Items, LKQ replacement recommendation, Replacement Cost, Supplier, Depreciation based on age and Lifetime expectancy, ACV and Replacement Cost Benefits remaining.

​​This tool was developed in consultation with experienced property adjusters, taking into account all the requirements and challenges in settling the contents claim. The result is a never seen before reporting system that makes it extremely easy for the adjuster to accurately and promptly indemnify the insured. We also provide guaranteed replacement services as per the Non-Salvageable Report.

The Controlled Contents Reporting Advantage

  • Cost control & savings of over 30%
  • Preferential pricing on replacement services
  • Protection against soft fraud
  • More accurate reserves
  • Controlled settlement process
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Guaranteed replacement services
  • Proper indemnification
  • Properly documented files
  • Quicker file closure

“I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw the list prepared. They had included even the smallest of items that I had even forgotten I had in my basement. The settlement we received from the adjuster was extremely fair and helped us get back on our feet quickly.”

​R. A., Toronto ON

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