Controlled Contents provides advanced solutions for electronic equipment that has been damaged by fire, water or lightning. We have developed successful policies and procedures for decontaminating electronic equipment without harming the internal circuitry, ensuring that the insured’s equipment is properly and cost effectively restored.

Restoration of Damaged Electronics

Electronics damaged by smoke are immediately wiped down to prevent the discoloring effects of contaminants. Electronics damaged by water can be coated with dielectric demoisturant protectant to prevent further deterioration. Electrical and electronics damaged by contaminants can be coated with special contact cleaners to prevent additional damage.

​We also have proper procedures to ensure the cost effectiveness of restoration vs replacement and we provide the same analysis to you.

​In today’s age of computers an essential part of electronics restoration is data recovery. Un-recovered data can result in severe emotional distress and we ensure that all important data is either recovered or secured whenever possible.

“My vinyl record player was damaged by fire and I was ensured that it was brought back to life. It meant a great deal to me because it was gifted to me by my grandfather.”

 Y. A., North York, ON.